Sometimes life brings us to places we never thought we’d be. People we never thought we’d meet, and ideas we never expected we’d have. And that’s where the beauty of life lies, not always knowing what the future holds. The adventure can come with fear of the unknown but that’s the journey life requires us to embark on.

I woke up to the thought of, “repositioning”….Sometimes our plans in life have to be frustrated for a better repositioning and redirection. Loss of any nature is never pleasant to encounter, be it a job, a loved one , the end of a relationship…etc. But that’s the beauty of life, there’s always new this, new that and new whatever. Of course it may never replace the past feelings, thoughts, experiences and adventures. But our biggest frustration is trying to control the outcome of the present. As a result, we choose to dwell on the past and deprive ourselves of experiencing the beauty of newness. Growing bitter because things didn’t work out this way or that way could act as a hindrance for new doors to open and ultimately impair your perspective (for better avenues to venture into). As the saying goes, “life is a mystery”, and that’s where the leap of faith comes in. It’s in the unknown, and that’s the beauty of life, the mystery.

Lose control and let go.


Author: Adulthood_Dilemmas

I dream. I write. I tell stories.

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