It’s 5’o clock in the morning, I awake to dark clouds greeting me with a cold breeze. I still can’t fathom the absurdity of agreeing to wake up this early. Well, it’s for work. Someone has to bring home the bacon after all. 

I haven’t touched a keyboard in ages, except for work and Netflix, it definitely has been quite a while. Wait, I forgot Instagram plus all the (other) social media jazz we all wake up to, at least for some of us. But I must say, tapping into my writing again does invigorate my spirit.

Not really sure which direction this piece is headed to, but I think it’s off to a great start. Where do I begin? Let’s catch up. First and foremost my life has been quite mehhh, not necessarily boring but nothing over the top. Mostly just work, eating, trying to get into a routine of keeping healthy. I mean actually making a conscious decision to stay disciplined and not stray. 

I guess the renowned Corona Virus has somewhat aided me to put my life into perspective. Can’t say I’m there yet, however, slowly but surely getting there. 

Let’s start with University, the year 2020, not only has it been eye opening but it has also been ground breaking. So, I finally finished my Bachelor’s program. Kuddos to me for overcoming this milestone. Some days I thought and felt as though my labor was in vain, but here I am. A whole graduate. Listen, I know it’s only a Bachelor’s Degree! But the fact that I had to toil through my studies to get to this point means I made it through the hurdles. 

A month later I gained interest in obtaining financial knowledge (Forex to be exact), more coins…hehe. You know the drill! The interest was always there but I guess it became profound with time.

Although I have been working for over a year now, I still do seek for better opportunities because I do know that at some point I will have to make that change. I am frightened by it (not the opportunities but the change). I love the company I work for: my job, colleagues, the environment, it is all blissful for me. Inviting and friendly. And it’s a prominent Financial Company. Attractive on my CV as it compliments my arena of studies (International Business & Marketing). However, I know that eventually I will have to break this tie because, nothing lasts forever. Whether I like it or not. But coming to gruesome terms with it is gut wrenching to say the least.

I guess I would give it the name PGD, as in, Post Graduate Disorder. Surely, I am content with my life at present; a roof over my head, a decent pay, mostly healthy and rarely down. I mean somehow I would say, the trajectory I am on is not too far from where I endeavor to reach, at this stage of my life.

On another note coming to the love department I would say that, this ship has sailed for now. Or I guess I am just putting it on hold for now. Have had a few love affairs here and there but only on the surface. I guess the big word, Commitment seems to rattle most youngsters or perhaps it’s just a matter of priorities. 

See I told you, nothing Grand. But with time, I shall surely get into every detail. For now the minute aspects of my life are what I’m dishing out.

—Njavwa Nondo

Author: Adulthood_Dilemmas

I dream. I write. I tell stories.

One thought on “Clouded”

  1. Hey, this piece is awesome. I love your humour here and there, I see how you’re growing and learning about adulthood. Congrats for closing a chapter (B.A degree part) in your life, there is gonna be more fun! Love you. What are your plans for the future? What you will be writing about?

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